Artist Laurie J Cochrane

About Laurie J Cochrane




Laurie J. Cochrane is a painter, photographer, and ceramicist who captures landscapes and abstracted natural views. 


Cochrane’s continual need to paint and search for new subject matter has led her to discover the world out there. 


Laurie studied art in Western Australia and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.


Her travels have influenced her artworks. Notions of colour and space make her work appealing and universal.



" I approach painting in a naturalistic manner sketching the view out there. Then when I am in my studio I abstract and review."


Laurie is very excited about her Vida x Design collection of wearable art.


She loves to teach fearless watercolour painting workshops to adults. 


Laurie Cochrane’s paintings are collected in Australia, Canada, England, USA, and around the world.   Laurie believes that art can open minds and open doors to connecting us to new worlds of understanding.  

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