Artist Laurie J Cochrane




Through the use of sketches and photography I semi-abstract the view out there.  I relish my time in nature searching for subject matter.  After travelling extensively I am returing to my roots in Northern Ontario, Canada.


Notions of space and colour allow my work to be intimate yet universal.  I approach my painting in a naturalistic manner. I explore a variety of subjects from landscape, cloudscapes and florals. 


My most recent series was cloudscapes.  "In this series, the artist focuses her artistic eye on the sky above, capturing the peaceful, soft-edged view of white clouds against blue skies. There's a beautifully meditative quality to these works." D. Jeffs


I have a Fine Arts Degree from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia.

I was fortunate to study with a number of professional artists and enjoyed a number of professional residencies.


More recently I have returned to my origins in Northern Ontario where

I have my Up North Art Studio. I am working on the series "Mapping Pines" honouring the windswept pines, rocky shores and the skies above.


"Laurie Cochrane’s paintings are collected in Australia, Canada, England, the USA, and around the world.   Laurie believes that art can open minds and open doors to connecting us to new worlds of understanding." J. Davey 



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