Artist Laurie J Cochrane

 With camera in hand I enjoy documenting the urbanscpaes.

photo by LJC

What an amazing sight on Kangaroo Island.

Basking in the sun after a major day at sea.

Looking in and capturing the inward smile of a flower by photographer LJC

A bold use of complimentary colours using the three pears as the characters.

Canadian plein air painting from the northern lily ponds.  Presently I am visiting Monet's Garden in Giverny and feel very inspired to do a bigger and more ephemeral style. Stay posted

for the 2018 water lily series.


A visit to Monet's Garden has inspired the creative spirit.


Kayaking in lily pond bay getting very inspired to do a painting.  Nature is so rejuvenating and I am blessed

to have this in my front yard.

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