Artist Laurie J Cochrane

What is the name of this tree/?

Photograph looking West from the Fremantle, Western Australian coast. What an amazing


Standing tall in the foreground is the Northern Red Pine representing resilience to the artist.

A quiet kayak on the river in water lily bay is always a welcome time to be inspired.  The flowers float, radiant and serene with the lily pads shining symbolizing beauty emerging from the dark waters.

A work in progress  from the up north series.... Down by the Bay where the water lilies grow...

The Studio bedroom window ledge was a great location to stretch out and sketch in watercolours.

What next ... just play and have fun.

It is always nice to have time to reflect and review your sketchbook and travels.
It is now April 2020 and the world has stopped... Covid19 is a pandemic.

2017 2018 I worked on a cruise ship teaching watercolour painting to numerous clients.

During these unprecedented times of COVID 19,  pandemic --HOPE over FEAR  is needed.

Community over self is important.  The Lighthouse postcard call out is really about hope

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