Artist Laurie J Cochrane

I love flowers.  "I think we go to flowers as we go to art." D Milne. I am working on a new series of still life floral astracts.  I use overlapping colour planes with hints of windows in the background. 

Taking a break from the art studio with friends on a winters day.  Snowshoeing in the bush -16 crisp day but scenic.

After many snow shoeing outings and enjoying the trails it was time to abstract the view.  Using warm and cool whites with hints of green and taupe this painting is rather ethereal taking you on a path to the unknown.

While studying art at university our art challenge was to draw without the traditional tools.  Look at the mark making the skates are making.  Art on Ice!!  Magic!  

Thank you to the  Quest Art Gallery and School for encouraging the members to discuss their art practice with others.  On a crisp cold spring morning, I drove down the highway with the sun glistening on the granite rocks and tall pines.  It was a beautiful drive to Midland, Ontario to record the below interview. 

Included in the video are scenes from the coast of Western Australia and the rivers of Northern Ontario, my two favorite landscapes. 

It's time to get out the water colour paints and paper.  Fresh and Spontaneous sketches from my river trips.


You may remember my summer plein air... how quickly the seasons change.


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