Artist Laurie J Cochrane

OK! you do not have to hang your painting on a wall. A new art owner decided to view my painting while soaking in the bath.  Be creative in your home and enjoy original paintings!

Bloom of the Gods- Water lilies grace the bay as the moon shines down and the pine stands tall.

This is a photograph of a small island with its wind swept north pines on the river where the Group of Seven paddled and painted.  I am inspired to do a plein air painting today.  Stay posted on the shores of the French River.

Spring is slowly arriving and the ice is almost off the bay. The sounds of nature are humming, cracking, and refreshing to the ears.  I love to sit and sketch the view out there. 

Ollie my dear granddog came to visit us and she was so thrilled to have a painting lesson.  Yes she is a poser. The many trail walks we had were joyous.  Dogs are a man's best friend!!  Loyal, sensing and knowing.

As I open my studio blinds this morning I am inspired by the lines on the bay.  It has traces of ski tracks and the ice is showing through as the snow last night was swept off the bay by the high winds.  Warm colours of white and creams are used as the fist layer of paint on a horizontal canvas measuring 36 x 18 inches.

It is a panoramic view looking down the bay and inviting me to take a break from my studio practice.

WINTER ON THE BAY   12 x 16   

I love to go down to my art studio on a winters morning and look out at the sunrise. The air is crisp, the fireplace is lit and the board is primed to capture the sky in the distance.  Later in the day I will go out for a ski on the bay.  Solitude! a little heaven on earth!

Sometimes you just need to change up the painting experience with a playful wabi sabi painting.

I love flowers, shapes and colour.  The colourful swatches in the background refer to the interior and the still life is an imagined scene-- I am longing for a local tea room to open for a social outing.  

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