Laurie J Cochrane - Artist

The joy of watercolour is that it works with gravity and is fluid.  Some blending of torquoise, cobalt, and ultramarine blues sets allows for the jelly fish to come alive.

I love Lisbon with all its amazing murals.  With camera in hand I enjoy documenting the urbanscpaes.

photo by LJC

What an amazing sight on Kangaroo Island.

Basking in the sun after a major day at sea.

Looking in and capturing the inward smile of a flower by photographer LJC

A bold use of complimentary colours using the three pears as the characters.

This painting was done in 2013 at the French River, Ontario Studio. Presently I am visiting Monet's Garden in Giverny and feel very inspired to do a bigger and more ephemeral style. Stay posted

for the 2018 water lily series.


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